Tiny Wins

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” It’s one of those sayings that’s so frequently repeated that I lose track of it easily. It’s simple, solid advice, but more often than not I let it slide through me without comprehension. For whatever reason though, on this ordinary Tuesday, something about that phrase stuck. It started […]

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Touching Down in Managua

The plane trembled below me, jolting my stomach into awareness of the fact that I was thousands of feet above the Earth. Breathing deeply and gripping my armrest, I felt the familiar and unwelcome sensation of motion sickness take hold. Enviously, I glanced at the other passengers around me, unaffected and even bored by the descent as […]

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The Rahman Family Silence

Using interviews from three of my family members: my mother, my aunt, and my cousin, I will explore the complicated relationship between an abused woman, her abuser, and their five children, as well as theorize the silence regarding the abuse. I will examine how much South Asian and Islamic culture justifies gender-based violence, the damaging […]

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