Dependence, Reimagined

What’s bothering you right now? If you’re like me, there’s probably a few recurring complaints that make their way through your mind all the time. Life’s inconveniences seem to come back again and again, stopping you from living out your days the way you want to. Traffic. Co-workers who are always late. A broken dishwasher. […]

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where the light is

This year, I have watched too many people that I love struggle. They have struggled more than any other year I can remember, and with so many different things: with the deaths of family members.  Anxiety and depression. Fear for their futures after a divisive election. Illness. Rejection. It hurts me, so much, that they are hurting. […]

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Spoonfuls of the Ocean

It’s really common as a young person today to be aloof in the pursuit of relationships and friendships. To show just the right amount of interest, send the perfectly timed text, the subtle Snapchat. Ask your favorite teenager or college student; they’ll tell you all about the terms we have somehow agreed upon. It’s extremely common. It’s […]

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Puns & Passion: LeaderShape 2015

Beth handed me a blueberry-scented magic marker and a canvas-sized piece of paper. “Tonight you get to tell your story,” she said to all of us, a collection of ten strangers assembled in a vibrant arts-and-crafts room. “Tell it however you’d like. Timelines, webs, drawings. There’s no wrong way to do it. You’ll present them […]

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