Wild Child, Inc.

It is with great excitement I introduce the work of Lulu Steurer.

I met her in 7th grade, when our sense of fashion and and self were just developing. We had just become neighbors and shared seats on the bus. Though at first we discussed at great length the romantic turbulence of Twilight, for three years onward we sat in a humid space of bus #23 and helped each other discover ourselves.

At 13, Lulu began twisting her ordinary Abercrombie t-shirts into her own creations, adding floral fabric to cover the “Moose” insignia and pairing it with overalls. At this time, overalls were still associated with farmers, not the bohemian apparel store Free People or Taylor Swift.  I thought she was delightfully strange and quirky, and such a stand-out from everyone else in our school who placed an emphasis on brand name clothes and Uggs. That’s how Lulu and I became best friends: believing there was something special in being weird.

As we entered high school, Lulu experimented in art, trying out different styles and materials. She was clearly talented. But one day, Lulu’s voice in the art world became clear: all because of a dog. Her family adopted a beagle puppy to fulfill the wishes of Lulu’s brother, but Dexter became a destructive force and a menace, so much so that her family had to give him away.  She created a piece about Dexter, and it exploded with color.

I always told her that when I could afford it, I would commission her art. Although that dream hasn’t come to fruition yet, I still am a huge proponent of Lulu’s work, both art and clothing. Successful people do things well, but they also push a unique voice in the world. She has officially named her company: Wild Child, Inc. Below are a few of my favorite creations of hers, along with her descriptions.

My friend, Lulu Steurer. I am so very proud of you.



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